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Monique Arsenault est fière de son travail communautaire. 
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Une grande perte pour la communauté acadienne et francophone : père Eddie Cormier

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Une Marie et Edward Blanchard et leur fille Amy

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À Prince-Ouest, les activités pour les aînés se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas

« Avec la COVID, on a manqué de se rencontrer. » 

Béatrice Perry savoure le fait de se retrouver au Centre acadien de Prince-Ouest, mardi. Avec la quinzaine de personnes présentes, des aînées pour la plupart, elle tricote un petit ruban jaune, à l'aide d'une bobine et d'une aiguille. Objectif : fabriquer un soleil, qui sera intégré à l'œuvre d'art collective que l'artiste Lynn Gaudet fabrique, dans le cadre des Rendez-vous de la Francophonie.

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Lien vers le reportage - radio

Une œuvre collective sera créée pendant les RVF

Le jeudi 24 février, les directrices et directeurs des centres scolaires et communautaires de la province étaient en rencontre provinciale.  Cela a été l’occasion pour La Voix acadienne de faire un petit survol des Rendez-vous de la Francophonie qui commencent.

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A look back at the 102nd Annual General Meeting of the Acadian and Francophone Society of Prince Edward Island


Summerside (PEI) Wednesday, October 27, 2021 – The General Assembly was held this Saturday, October 23 at the Center acadien de Prince Ouest. Back on a day rich in exchanges and emotions.
As Executive Director Isabelle Dasylva-Gill shared, the pandemic has had sometimes disastrous consequences for organizations and even more so for the most vulnerable members and beneficiaries of the community.  The crisis began with “we are all in the same boat” and ended in “we are all in the same storm but on different boats”, hence the importance of specific support and training for organisations.  


The Pendergast Family Receives Volunteer of the Year Award from the S.-S.-Perrey Council


It is a popular tradition that the Rev. Council. S.-É.-Perrey observes each year at its Annual General Meeting: the presentation of a certificate to recognize people who volunteer in the community. For the first time this year, a group of seven people, a mother and six children, receives this award.  

The announcement was made by Council President Rev. S.-É.-Perrey, Junior Bernard, September 16th. 

In the room, it did not take long for all eyes to turn discreetly to Monique Pendergast-Doucette, the only representative of the family present at the meeting.  The clues given by the narrator, Suzanne Chaisson, were revealing.  


A bilingual household under construction at Maplewood Home in Alberton


Although much remains to be done for the Francophone neighborhood to be fully operational at the Maplewood long-term care residence in Alberton, the process is well underway and French-mother-tongue residents are already benefiting from the changes that are gradually taking place. .

The Maplewood residence is the third establishment to form a Francophone neighborhood, after the Summerset in Summerside and the Beachgrove in Charlottetown.  “Here at Maplewood, we took advantage of the experience of the other two homes for our project.  The pandemic has slowed us down, but still, we've been working on this concept for three or four years.  It doesn't happen overnight,” says school administrator Darlene Oakes.