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Legal Notice

The Council Rev. S.-É.-Perrey inc. ​

  • The Council Rev. S.-É.-Perrey Inc. is an incorporated not-for-profit organization as defined in Part II of the Companies Act of Prince Edward Island.

  • The headquarters of the Rev. S.-É.-Perrey inc.  is in DeBlois in the province of Prince Edward Island:
    119 DeBlois Rd. 
    Tignish, PE 
    C0B 2B0

  • Authority  The annual general meeting is the supreme authority of the Rev. Council. S-É.-Perrey inc.

  • Composition:

  1. The presidency, the vice-presidency, the secretariat, the treasury;

  2. Current members of the Board of Directors;

  3. Individual members;

  4. The annual general meeting brings together all members of the Board;

  5. Any person invited by the Board of Directors may attend the Annual General Meeting as an observer.

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