Volunteer of the year

This year, we are proud to award the Volunteer of the Year award to not just one person, but a group of people who greatly deserve this honor.

The recipients of this award have put in long hours of work and volunteer work for the Acadian and Francophone community of the West Prince region for several years. Knowing that there are so many things accomplished that we apologize for having probably forgotten some.

For many years, recipients have entertained people not only in the West Prince community, but across the province. They are certainly very well known. With their talents in music, children's show, play, tap dancing and good food.

This group of people includes 2 sisters and 4 brothers who live all over the Island now and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The next generations are also involved with the shows and theaters and the talent there is. This Acadian family is navigated by their beautiful mother, head of the family who has an incredible talent with the production of plays and songwriting. A talent that was passed on to the next generations, even one of the girls, now leads the drama club at Pierre-Chiasson school.

This family for us is always ready to help with anything. Whenever we call any member of the family, they are always ready to play music, do a play, and even cook delicious food. In addition to being a musician for shows that we organize or other organizations in the community, they have organized several fundraisers by themselves and participate in several as a family. Either for people in need or charities. During the holidays they adopt a family in need for Christmas by helping with gifts and food. In addition, a scholarship to a graduate of the Pierre-Chiasson school in memory of their father for many years to date a total of over $20,000 has been given for the scholarship and others in need.

This very kind and helpful family greatly deserves this recognition tonight and we greatly appreciate their dedication to the Acadian and Francophone community of West Prince.

They are very proud of their Acadian and Francophone heritage and we are proud to feature them tonight. In our opinion, they are very deserving of the Volunteer of the Year award!

prix du benevole.jpeg

The outgoing Chairman of the Board Rev. S.-É.-Perrey, Junior Bernard, presents the 2021 Volunteer of the Year award to the Pendergast Family, represented by Monique Pendergast-Doucette. Council member Suzanne Chaisson was the narrator. (Photo: JL)



2020 - 2021              The Pendergast family

2019 - 2020              Alméda Thibodeau

2018 - 2019              Suzanne Chiasson

2017 - 2018              Victor Doucette

2016 - 2017              Denis Morais

2015 - 2016              Olive Gagné

2014 - 2015              Wanda Clark

2013 - 2014              Eileen Chiasson-Pendergast


2012 - 2013            Junior Bernard

2011 - 2012            Aubin-Richard

2010 - 2011            Alan Graham

2009 - 2010            Amy Blanchard Graham

2008 - 2009            Ralph Richard

2007 - 2008            Wilbert Perry

2006 - 2007            Robert Perry

2005 - 2006            Robbie Thibodeau

2004 - 2005            Fréda Bénard & Béatrice Perry